About Us

Martin Clark Mapping provides a range of Computer Services to Agriculture. Building on his background in mapping from a previous career, Martin Victor Clark has developed a unique service which can help everyone involved in the rural environment. The service is built around GIS (Geographical Information System) mapping software. Traditionally, Consultants in Agriculture have used crop recording spreadsheets and databases around which their services are built. This is the first time that anyone has used mapping as the core program, and then linked the spreadsheets to this visual representation. As a result, it is not necessary to use a particular recording program.

For those farmers who do not wish, do not have the time, or do not have a suitable computer, we offer a complete data input service. For Mapping, we plot the field boundaries of course, but also we can calculate cropping boundaries and headlands for Set-aside, Countryside Stewardship, and LERAP Survey requirements. In addition, we offer to maintain crop records throughout the growing season, and to provide backups to the farmers’ own software, or reports in digital or paper form. In order to reduce costs, we ask the farmers to send us a faxes, or emails, of the completed treatment recommendations, and we extract the relevant information in our office.

We believe that this service will be particularly useful to farmers with limited acreages and to Organic Farmers.

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